INTEGRA Solutions is committed to ensure excellence of quality and performance. Our experience enables us to employ the right technology and optimal custom-tailored solutions for every single project. Additionally, multi-stage inspection and overall production supervision are a standard practice, resulting in a low defect rate. Our First Pass Yield ranges usually from 96 to 99%, and is constantly getting better. With the ISO 9001 procedures applied we expect an even better resuslts.

From one to another production batch, most of our clients recognized that a turn-key solution is always the best way of co-operation. After initial project design discussions and process design, just the order is enough to start the batch. For every next batch.

Utilizing a strong background in engineering, Integra Solutions offers almost the full range of EMS services:

  1. PCB Design consulting and verification (DfX, DfA)
    • Design for Manufacturing (DfM) - consulting and verification
    • Design for Testing (DfT) - consulting and verification
    • Checking parts for pricing, availability and lead-times (DfA)
  2. NPI (New Product Introduction)
    • Prototyping - 24 - 48h as standard (from receiving documentation, PCBs, parts and stencil(s)
    • Suggestions for product redesign, if needed
    • Manufacturing process design
    • PCB Panelisation
    • Generating manufacturing documentation
  3. Material Management
    • Sourcing parts from AVL (official distributor channels or manufacturers)
    • Incoming inspection
    • Labeling and logging for traceability
    • Storing resting parts in our stock
  4. SMT and TH Assembling
    • Pb and PbFree (RoHS) technology
    • Panel size 50x50mm to 400x400mm as standard, long board option
    • PCB Bar-Code Labeling (with Pick&Place)
    • SMT Capacity: up to 500k components/daily (up to 1million components daily in 3 shifts)
    • From 0402 to 55mm sq
    • Fine pitch from 0.43mm
    • BGA and uBGA from 0.4 mm, including Package-On-Package (PoP)
    • Feeders for tapes 8mm to 56mm, plus IC-trays
    • max 180 different components
    • THT Capacity (manual insert): >30k parts daily (100k in 3 shifts)
    • Wave soldering
    • Selective soldering
    • Soldering according to IPC610
  5. Post-Assembling (Inspection, Programming and Testing)
    • First article inspection (FAI)
    • SMT in-line AOI (Pre-Reflow mode)
    • SMT in-line AOI (Post-Reflow mode)
    • THT off-line AOI
    • Visual inspection
    • Programming
    • Functional testing
    • Quality Assurance Inspection according to IPC610, Class 1,2 or 3
  6. Repair, Rework and Service
    • Repair and rework according to IPC 7711/7721
    • Servicing and PCB Assembly modifications of larger quantities
  7. Thermal Management Services
    • Thermal Management design and consulting
    • Thermal-conductive epoxy potting
    • Profile heat-sinks design, prototyping, verification and production
    • Various solutions for heat transfer from sources to heat-sinks
  8. Mechanical (with external partners)
    • CNC Machining
    • Silk screen and pad printing
    • Potting
    • Aluminium parts Anodizing
    • Powder Coating
    • Plastics molding and extrusions
  9. Box-Building
    • Assembling of complete products
  10. Packaging, Logistics
    • Packaging and Labeling
    • Shipping

In the near future we will introduce also following services to round our offer:

  • ICT testing
  • PCB washing
  • Selective coating