Equipment List

Carefully planned and selected equipment as well as regular maintenance are the base for qualitative and efficient production. We have invested much time and effort, not to mention money,to build up our production lines. With our rigorous maintenance procedures we keep the equipment in excellent shape.

SMT - Line 1 (In-Line)

Paste Printing: MPM AP/B HiE, with 2D paste inspection and USC
Stencil Frame: Pneumatic, for frameless stencils
Placement: SiPlace 80S20, 20.000 cph, 2 pcs
SiPlace 80F4, 10.000 cph
Tape feeders 8-56mm (any pitch) + JEDEC tray holders
Fluxing feeder (for PoP), Label feeder
AOI: Agilent SJ50 (Pre Reflow)
Reflow: BTU P-150, 10 + 2 zones, N2-ready
Reflow Profiling: Super M.O.L.E. Gold
AOI: Agilent SJ10 (Post Reflow)
PCB Handling: ASYS, Nutek, Jot
PCB Marking: IMAJE S8, Bar-Code Labeling (Pick&Place)

SMT - Line 2 (Off-Line)

Paste Printing: DEK-247, semiautomatic
Stencil Frame: Pneumatic, for frameless stencils
Placement: TWS Quadra, 3.600 cph, 2 pcs
Reflow: IEMME SMAC, 3 zones
PCB Handling: Manual (Off line)


Stencil Cleaner: Conceptronics Atlantis-CL/W
Labels Printers Zebra

THT - Line

Component preparation: Various machines for lead bending and cutting
Insertion: Manual placement, 8 places
Wave Soldering: Speedline Electra 500F
Selective soldering: ERSA Versaflow dual pot
Manual Soldering: 6 work-stations

Post Assembling

AOI: Agilent SJ10 (Off-Line)
Visual inspection: Various microscopes (Mantis, Leica, Zeiss) and magnifiers
Testing, general: Standard test equipment (TEK scopes, PSU, etc)
Functional testing: According to customer specifications
ICT: Test fixtures (vacuum)
Programming: Various programming solutions
BGA Rework: PACE TF2000 BGA Rework Station
Rework: DENON De-soldering guns
Quick 858 Hot Air
MARTIN Hot Plate-03


CNC: SUDA SD-8070 CNC Machine
Potting: 2-component mixer with dosimeter
Al-profile cutting: Saw 250mm, custom made
Pad Printing: LC-PM2-150, 2 colors, open system