Case Studies and Fields of Applications

Fields of Applications:

Numerous domestic and international clients recognized INTEGRA Solutions as a reliable partner in following fields of applications:

  • Industrial automation
  • LED Lighting and lighting control
  • POS Equipment
  • Security systems
  • Electricity and water meters
  • RFID equipment
  • Power Supplies, UPS, energy saving equipment
  • Gaming machines

Case Studies:

Case Study 1: NRE Cost optimization for whole range of products

Our client decided to migrate from in-house manual THT to outsourced automated SMT production with their whole range of industrial meters (more than 60 different products). However, the start-up expenses for the whole range would be so high, that the whole project wouldn't be profitable. After detailed analysis of all products with the customer, we've suggested PCB unification and re-design, in a way that a single PCB can accommodate several different products, depending only on parts population. The result was only 8 different PCBs, panelized into 2 panels total. Total NRE costs were about 2000 EUR, instead of more than 20.000 EUR. Different plans of population enable the client to order just the products they need.

Case Study 2: Wall dimmer with maximum heat dissipation possibilities

The client requested a solution for maximum heat dissipation from a small wall dimmer within given dimensions. This was an important issue for the client since dissipating more heat from the same size case meant a competitive edge. After analyzing all aspects and special requests, we decided to design a custom-tailored heat-sink, packed into an appropriate plastic housing. Maximum heat dissipation was achieved during the development process, including prototyping and measurement of heat dissipation in every step of the process.

Case Study 3: Knobs with light guides

The client requested from us the production of small knobs with light guides in center. LED light was to be used for indication purposes. They didn't want to use any standard off-the-shelf knobs. Yet, the production of the desired special knobs would request special tools, (for 2-step extruding) and be very costly, keeping in mind the expected annual usage. After analyzing all other requests and aspects, we decided to manufacture ordinary knobs (simple tooling and extrusion), while light guides would be produced and inserted manually, completely from meter-ware, with just a few special tools. For 10k annually, this was the best possible solution.