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INTEGRA Solutions is an Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider in Serbia (South-East Europe). High quality, short lead times, a true dedication to its' clients and fairly-balanced price-policy enabled us to be the fastest growing EMS-provider in Serbia, thus owning as well the highest production capacities. Our trained and motivated staff and our well-maintained quality equipment is the guarantee for quality and productivity through establishing optimal processes for the clients' needs. Our personal and custom tailored approach to every single client makes co-operation easier, while our experience enables us to offer specific solutions that best fit our clients' requirements. Our ISO 9001 certification process will be completed soon. We continually invest into staff, processes development and equipment, enabling ourselves to always stay a step ahead.

Integra Solutions - Your Reliable Electronic Manufacturing Services Partner

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We offer almost the full range of Electronic Manufacturing Services, ranging from design consulting, prototyping and NPI (New Product Introduction), through PCB assembling, to box-build and logistics. We're your best-match partner for series ranging from 0.1 to 10 million components per batch.
IPC610 is established as standard for PCBA acceptance criteria, while rework and repair are carried out in accordance with IPC7711/7721.
We are providing assembling services in RoHS-compliance technology (leaded on request only).

Our specialty is Thermal Management. We can offer a wide range of solutions, from thermal conductive epoxy potting, to custom-designed profile heat-sink manufacturing.

Equipment List

Your new favorite outsourcing partner in Europe

Operating in Serbia, which recently received the candidate status for the EU, Integra Solutions is able to offer competitive prices for its services, representing a very good nearshoring choice to companies from the EU. Not to mention that with Serbia Just In Time production lives up to your expectations. If you are fed up with outsourcing to Far-East, try Serbia. Ways are short, Serbia has highly skilled staff while salaries and other production expenses in Serbia remain on a stable and predictable (low) level. General benefits are shorter time to market as well as lower overall costs.

And with Integra Solutions an additional advantage and surplus is our service of detailed PCB design analysis, consulting and verification.

Be it as your capacity booster or as low-cost near shoring option, or both, we can assist you with high quality services, flexible, dedicated and highly cost-effective EMS solutions, as well as on-time deliveries. By default, we have an open-book sourcing and calculation policy. Check out our offer - be at the right place at the right time. Incorporate our services in your long-term operations - time is money, save both. Renowned clients already have migrated their production from the Far East to Integra Solutions. Discover the difference for yourself.